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Who is the journey?

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Our Story

A heart of a traveler, an eye of an explorer and the soul of a wanderer, this is how the Journey started and lives by to this very day. 

The journey family came into place when we saw firsthand how travel can add value to any individual that practices it the right way. Bringing people together for extraordinary experiences will you give you magnified results, unique feelings and people that become part of the family wherever we go. 

How did we start? When a group of 16 individuals chose to hike the tallest mountain in Africa, one the 7 summits in the world, instead of going on a small adventurous trip, we knew the world was ready for something different! 

The Journey Adventures launched on the roof of Africa, and 8 summits later, we still go back to where it all started. The aftermath of that trip changed so many lives along the way, and we are not only talking about the travelers, but our local operators, the families we visited, the orphans that got their education covered, and many other small things that came along the way.  A domino effect to say the least, this showed us how powerful choosing the right place and right experience is in all our journeys. 

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us over the coming years and for all of you to be part of our growth! 

– The Journey Adventures Team

How we give back

Traveling responsibly is all about being socially and culturally aware of the choices you make and understanding your impact on the places you visit, making sure it is a positive one!

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Our Services

By placing our values and experiences towards creating travel-based solutions for different clientele, The Journey’s family has grown bigger over the last several years. We now welcome not only individuals, but groups, corporates, academic institutes and collaborations for specialized theme-based journeys that cater for certain interests. 

How can we collaborate? Let’s have a look at the different type of services we have to offer.

Group Journeys  – Consultations – Corporate Retreats – Partnerships and collaborations – Academic trips

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