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The Hidden Paradise

13th December – 17th December 2024

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Socotra, the land of mystery!

If you are a true traveler with a wild urge to explore bizarre, isolated places that don’t seem like they are on this planet, this place is just for you!

From odd-looking vegetation to turquoise blue lagoons, white sand dunes and meeting very authentic local communities while camping under the stars, Socotra makes it to the list of the most interesting islands in the world!

Some travelers say it’s where Avatar meets Jurassic Park.

Let’s see!

Adventure Profile



Trip Type

Cultural Adventure


5 days / 4 nights

Fitness Level

Level 2

Activity Level

Very Energetic

Comfort Level


BHD 690

14  – Two Groups (Male & Female)

Adventure Profile



Trip Type

Cultural Adventure


5 days / 4 nights

Fitness Level

Level 2

Activity Level

Very Energetic

Comfort Level



BHD 690


14 – Two Groups – Male & Female

Led by:

Ali Taqi

What to expect

This is a pure raw adventure, expect that every night you will be camping in different corners of the island!

As for the accommodation, it will be a million stars camping site, with sand beaches as your living room, trees and vegetation as your wardrobe closet and nature as your toilet.

This trip is also labelled as a pure Eco tourism. Our priority is to travel responsibly and aim to conserve the natural environment around us as well as sustain the well-being of the local community.

One last thing, expect a 1 GB network or sometimes no network at all! It’s a perfect place to finish that book you always wanted to read!

What’s included

  • 4X4 Private Transportation
  • All Camping equipment (Tents, Mattress, Bed Sheet Covers, Pillows and Blanket)
  • Local Private Cook
  • All meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Local Cultural Activities
  • Protected Conservation Fees and Permits
  • Water Activities
  • Local guides
  • Guides from the Journey Adventures

What’s not included

  • International Flights
  • Expenses of Personal Nature
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Any Gratuities




Boat Tour

Cultural & Community service

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What is Socotra known for?

The land for coral sea and dragon trees, Socotra Island is a unique gem in the Arabian Sea. This island mesmerizes us with a breathtaking landscape filled with diverse plant and animal species that you will never see anywhere in the world
Expect to see many photographers, nature lovers and explorers… they are all there for the same reason you are!

How about the weather?

Between December and May, the water is calm and transparent, and the island’s gorgeous blossoms are in full bloom. The temperature ranges from 25°C to 29°C so it’s great for outdoor activities and light material clothing.

Just keep in mind to pack your sunscreen and a sunhat!

Do I need a visa to enter?

If you are from the GCC, its best to see the policies of your country during this time as they tend to change based on Nationality.

How about internet connection and Sim cards?

Socotra will be an off the grid trip – literally. While there are telecommunication networks available with some data coverage, not the whole island is covered. You will probably find more coverage in Hadibo, the main city, which we will come across on the first and last day.

What are we going to do on this trip?

A clear invitation to the raw adventures, Socotra will welcome those who are looking to go back to basics. A road trip followed by amazing sceneries, beautiful beaches and starlit camping sites, you will be truly exploring every corner of the island, learning with each day more about the history and culture of the place.

I’m going solo on this group trip. Is that possible?

You’d be surprised on how many people register without knowing anyone on the trip! It’s a perfect way to build new networks that can turn into lifetime friendships!

Socotra is a UNSECO World Heritage site. What does that mean for us?

Let’s start with why what is named a UNESCO World Heritage site! Because of Socotra’s outstanding biodiversity richness in both land and marine life, characterized by a high proportion of unique species living in special island habitats that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, Socotra has been name a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.
As travelers, we must always be cautious and respectful to the nature and culture of any habitat that we will be visiting, let alone a special gem like this island. Do no harm and leave no trave will be our main motto as we explore the island while being aware of the direct connection the land has with its community.

How about hygiene and showering?

As we all love our hot showers at the end of the day, on this trip showering will be available but not the usual standard showers that we are all used to! We might stop by some home stays during our off grid period to freshen up a bit as well and get a quick shower.

As for the bathroom well, when we’ll be camping mother nature will be your new open air bathroom with a view!

Do I need to be fit to join the trip?

Yes! This trip requires a moderate fitness level as we’ll be hopping from one area to another exploring lands that have never been touched or altered by humans! We’ll be also doing plenty of outdoor activities and hikes that require you to be somewhat fit to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Are there any specific clothes required for this trip?

A packing list will be sent once you confirm your registration and will include the type of attire you need for the activities. But in general, quick drying, breathable fabrics are recommended. Packing light is advisable as we’ll be moving around a lot! Another thing to keep in mind is dressing modestly when visiting local towns and villages.

Do we need any cash and what will I need cash for?

All your meals will be covered by us. However, you might do some last minute shopping when you pass by the city the last day or for tipping the local guides before you leave.

Should I book the internal flight ticket by myself?

Your flight from Abu Dhabi to Socotra will be booked by the team. Once you register, the price of the internal ticket will be sent.

You will need to book the International flight to Abu Dhabi, making sure that your reach in adequate time, at least 3 hours before, for the second flight into Socotra.  Flight timings to Socotra will be the following:

  • Dec 13th – Abu Dhabi to Socotra (Departure) 9:00 AM
  • Dec 17th – Socotra to Abu Dhabi (Arrival) 15:05 PM

Who do I talk to once I land in Abu Dhabi Airport?

One of our guides will be waiting for you near the gate of the internal flight terminal in Abu Dhabi and we’ll also provide a contact number closer to the trip date.  Make sure you share your ticket with the team as soon as its booked!

Where will I sleep and how often will we be changing our accommodation?

We will be changing our camping sites everyday as move around on the island. All camping equipment will be provided by our team.

The last night will be in a simple hotel back in the city, so yes we will have an opportunity to shower before we head back home the next day.

How will we get around?

We’ll be going around Socotra by a 4×4 private transportation, so have your music playlist ready and make sure to share it with the team.

Who's my roommate?

The whole trip is on a double occupancy basis.

If you’re coming with a friend or a family member, you’ll be automatically paired together, just make sure that the team knows. Otherwise, you will be paired with another amazing traveler from the trip.
If you require single occupancy, make sure to mention your preference. There will be an additional cost of 100 BD.