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How can we collaborate? Let’s have a look at the different type of services we have to offer

Want to know what kind of services we offer?

By placing our values and experiences towards creating travel-based solutions for different clientele, The Journey’s family has grown bigger over the last several years. We now welcome not only individuals, but groups, corporates, academic institutes and collaborations for specialized theme-based journeys that cater for certain interests.

Let's Collaborate

What do we offer

Group Journeys

Whether you are an individual or a couple of friends that want to go on holiday, our public group trips are open for anyone to join. These trips are usually announced through our Instagram and are available on our website for details.



Looking for someone to plan your trip? Our excitement in planning a couple’s honeymoon, family trip, friends’ getaways, birthday escapes and more equals the excitement we get when see our travelers join one of our group trips.

Depending on your preferred dates and budget and the type of consultation service you are looking for, our travel designers will be able to provide a trip plan that suits all your preferences.

Bear in mind that we will always add the Journey’s touch, so you will be getting something different and unique.

Have a look at our different types of services on our consultation page.


Corporate Retreats

Many corporations are looking for a different approach dedicated towards building the right environment in the company. This is where we come in!

We incorporate the values, objectives, and goals of the company into an excursion that will give back in different ways far from what is the norm. One training day in an offset environment can enhance the impact and benefit you, as a company, will be aiming for.

Contact us with your thoughts and one of our community personnel will get back to you!


Partnerships & Collaborations

What is a collaboration or partnership with the journey?

From sport enthusiasts, cultural explorers, culinary chefs, and many more individuals that are passionate about a certain aspect and would like to share it internationally with others, we are able to turn this passion into a walking journey.

Interested in a collaboration? Once you contact the team, our program gurus will explore the possibility of how to turn this into a journey.


Academic trips

Understanding how important each stage is in a student’s life makes our aim of giving them the trip of a lifetime much more exceptional.

Proactively working with different academic institutes such as schools, universities, and specialized learning centers to customize a trip that the student and institute will equally gain from is one of the services that we have been providing at the journey over the past 5 years.

Whether it’s a once off yearly trip of a full-fledged travel experience program over several years, our emphasis on the importance of transforming academic and theory-based learning to live experiences and practical learning will be reflected on a daily basis during the trips.

If you’re an academic organization and interested in customizing a trip together, send us your thoughts through this link, and our community mediators will get back to you!