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The people behind the adventures

core team

Fajer Mufeez

Founder – Business Development

An explorer by heart, Fajer Mufeez has over 15 years of travelling experience and visited over 75 countries to this date! Her passion towards discovering untouched places, stumbling upon unique experiences, and listening to inspiring stories from strangers has been the drive that made The Journey Adventures what it is today. Sharing her passion and way of traveling has been the main pillar in designing our journeys.

Coming from a background in aviation, from engineering, to quality assurance to getting her Private Piot License, she has a collective of 13 years in the aviation industry before switching to her full focus on The Journey Adventures.

Nadya Eqab

Operations & Marketing

With an extremely diverse background, Nadya has joined the company with over 15 years of experience ranging from Investment Banking, Marketing, Aviation Training and Aviation Security. A drastic shift in lifestyle over the past 10 years has made her appreciate how travel can truly change a person’s attitude, interests, and perspective towards many elements in life.


Benefiting from all the knowledge gained over the past years, her effort in the Journey is directive on general operations and managing the creative communication channels though public relations and marketing.

Fajer Almeamari

Creative Marketing and Public Relations

An architect’s mindset at its best, with Fajer’s love for functional aesthetics and knack for small details, you can only imagine how deeply and beautifully she has every viewer live the stories and experiences of each traveler.

Joining The Journey back in 2021, Fajer intensified her efforts towards showcasing the values of the company, emotions of all our travelers and different experiences the journey has to offer across many different platforms.

Volunteering in skill development programs, leadership initiatives and architectural events are considered a huge part of her social life.

Fatima Khoori

Travel & User Experience Designer

Utilizing her experience as an architect of transforming spaces for diversified clients, Fatima is currently focusing on customizing wholesome user experiences from the first reach of any traveler to the journey to the moment they start telling their stories and experiences after each trip.

Being the first to welcome you to the Journey’s family, her personnel skill and quirky sense of humor builds a bond from the very beginning.

Participating in many leadership programs and volunteering in nonprofit organizations has always been a part of her life and will always be in her radar for future.

Maryam Albinfalah

Community & Corporate Engagement

Extraordinarily curious about international initiatives and different socioeconomic topics, Mariam has cultivated a set of research skills over the past years and through her studies that has her starting any new endeavor with a desire to always want to know more.

This curiosity has her using this open mind set when providing unique and beneficial experiences to diverse clientele and various institutions locally and in the region.

Speaking four different languages is a plus!

Adventure Leaders

Faten Mattar

The journey guide

A creative and vibrant personality, Faten Mattar is one of the Journey’s biggest supporters. Her advocacy towards constant change and personal development trickles down to even the smallest details she adds to the trip she guides.

With a unique background in jewelry and authentic pearls, Faten has been travelling the world from a very young stage and has distinctly changed the way she travels over the past several years.

Adventurous and always on the lookout for ‘Larger than Life’ experiences, she will have you looking at things from different perspectives.

Her experience in travel ranges from mountain expeditions to scenic road trips, to volunteering trips.

Noor Mufeez

The journey guide

We call her ‘incurably curious’ and she certainly lives up to the name!

Noor Mufeez’s passion for life, exploring the unknown, and discovering interesting although somewhat weird facts will always draw unexpected and exciting conversations that will make even long drives seem so short.

She is one of our main guides and supporters and was with The Journey Adventure’s team from its first step and has experience in both city and mountain expeditions. She loves traveling to countries that have history, tell a story, and will definitely have you come back from any trip telling a story of your own. With a unique way of encouraging people to try new things and seek adventures, get ready to face your fears and set new achievements.

Majeed Almajed

The journey guide

Not many people would think of summiting Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa and one of the 7 summits, twice in just under 6 months! That’s what happened when Majeed joined our expedition back in 2018 and guided the next summit in mid-2019.

Since then, Majeed has been an integral part of our team, guiding not just expeditions, but scenic road trips, academic trips, and more.

Having a diverse background in investment, retail, events, and volunteering only intensifies the magnitude of knowledge that he can share and how easily he can relate to many travelers that join our trips. His dedication to making sure that everyone is comfortable and having an exceptional time is reflected through our travelers every time he guides a trip.

Favorite destinations that he would recommend anyone to visit are Zanzibar, Ireland, and Russia.

Haya Alhozab

The journey guide

A record breaker when it comes to how many trips she has joined in the Journey, Haya has been travelling with us since 2019 and has covered all our signature trips and more.

Active, vibrant and has a contagious personality, she drastically changed over the years and now welcomes challenges wherever she goes. Her love for communities and rich bonds has made it easy for her to connect with the many cultures she has visited throughout these years.

Representing us in Saudi, and almost anywhere else she visits, her guiding expertise ranges from cultural explorations to scenic road trips, or trips that have you jumping over the highest bridge in Africa.

Marwa Adam

The journey guide

Soft spoken, with a very determined personality, Marwa Adam has been a Journey friend years back. Always looking for a chance to connect with nature, people, and herself, you will continuously find her in the simplest environment, in nature surrounded by open spaces.

Her interest ranges from activities that make your heart race such as hiking and running to activities that make you slow down such as yoga and listening to podcasts.

Hasan Bukamal

The journey guide

Deciding to summit Kilimanjaro less than a week from the trip, Hassan Bukamal joined the Journey’s family with a bang! When your answer to the craziest thing you did was ‘Meeting the Journey’, that should be an understatement! Since joining, he has summited the highest roof of Africa, bungee jumped at 216 meters in South Africa, and skydived from 3,5000 meters in Brazil.

With such an adventurous soul, and his love for pushing boundaries, it is no wonder that he now assists in guiding some of the major, and most out of comfort zone trips we offer.

He has also assisted on many academic trips and has been a mentor to many of the students he meets.

Sara Abdulla

The journey guide

With an extravagant lust for life, Sara Abdulla carries an energy that can’t help but ripple into whoever is around her. A guide that is not only selfless but extremely caring, diligent, and responsible, don’t let her soft-shell fool you as she will have you pushing your own boundaries in no time.

With a longing for journeys and hidden spaces rather than landmark destination or attraction, you should remove away any solid expectations of yourself and surroundings whenever you travel with her as she has an eye for making the most out of all her trips in the most unusual ways.

With a diverse yet very creative stricken background, Sara will be one of the most insightful story tellers you can meet, and she will definitely play a big role in your upcoming stories

Fajer Bourahmah

The journey guide

Fajer’s vibrant spirit, combined with a genuine love for people and cultures, creates a magnetic energy that draws others in, inspiring them to embrace their own unique journeys with enthusiasm.

Her history of travel has taken her to all corners of the earth, from bustling metropolises to remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations. She has climbed the rugged peaks of the Himalayas, trekked through dense rainforests in Latin America, and marveled at the architectural wonders of Europe. Witnessing the breathtaking natural landscapes and iconic landmarks in the world has also provided her with a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures, traditions, and histories that make each place unique.

When you join Fajer on her exhilarating escapades and get ready to explore the world with an unmatched spirit of adventure and a whole lot of volume! Guaranteed, your memories of hilarious moments will be much stronger than any landscapes that you come across.

Mohammad Tawfiq

The journey guide

An explorer by heart, Mohammed’s love for the unique, the new, and anything diverse knows no bounds.

Wanting to be a globetrotter his whole life, he was embarked on many adventures, seeking out hidden gems and immersing himself in the beaty that this world has to offer. He believes that travel is not just about visiting landmarks, but about making new friends, connecting with locals, trying new cuisines, and embracing the unknown.

Whether it’s hiking through lush mountains, wandering through ancient ruins, or getting lost in vibrant city streets, Mohammad is always up for the next adventure. He has a knack for finding off-the-beaten-path destinations and creating unforgettable memories along the way.

His passion for exploring the world is contagious, and he’s always excited to share his favorite travel stories and hidden gems with fellow adventurers.

Fajer Mufeez

The journey guide

Fajer, a compassionate and adventurous soul, is a true global citizen with a deep appreciation for the diversity and beauty of our planet. Her unwavering enthusiasm for exploration, combined with her genuine desire to make a positive impact, continues to inspire, and uplift those fortunate enough to call her a friend.

Her willingness to share her stories, tips, and recommendations, eagerly encourages others to step out of their comfort zones and discover the wonders of the world. Her vibrant personality, coupled with her wealth of travel knowledge, makes her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking advice or inspiration.

Beyond her zest for life, Fajer is also committed to making a positive impact through her travels. She actively seeks out eco-conscious accommodations, supports local artisans and businesses, and engages in volunteer initiatives that benefit the communities she visits. Fajer believes in leaving a lasting and positive legacy in every place she encounters, nurturing a sense of responsibility for the environment and the people who call it home.

Nadya Eqab

The journey guide

A true advocate of how differences make individuals closer, Nadya believes that every destination has its own unique story to tell, and she eagerly seeks out those stories with an insatiable curiosity. Her love for navigating through unfamiliar territories and conquering challenges has her seeking awe inspiring trails that spark memories and leave your eyes twinkling with excitement  Amidst the whirlwind of travel, she will make sure that you takes some time to appreciate the simple beauty of a breathtaking sunset, the serenity of nature’s embrace, or the quiet wisdom found in the depths of ancient buildings.

Valuing gratitude and the importance of giving back, Nadya recognizes that the privilege of exploring the world comes with a responsibility to protect and preserve it. She will make sure that you actively seek out ways to contribute to the communities visited, whether through volunteering, supporting local initiatives, or raising awareness about environmental issues.

Her passion for sustainability and social responsibility shines through in everything she does.