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Frequently asked questions

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Why travel with the Journey?

Because we create each adventure with passion and creativity as if it was our own personal trip, our services are unique, impactful and will change the way you travel in the future. We make sure that you see the destination with the heart of a traveler and the steps of an explorer!

Did we mention that many of our travelers are returning customers, so we’re sure that there is something we are doing right!

Do you only offer group trips?

Our services range from public group journeys, private consultations, corporate retreats, academic trips, and collaborations on theme specific trips.

Our specialty is customizing experiences that will align with what travelers are seeking in unique destinations at the same time showing our perspective.

How can I join one of your trips?

It’s easy! Let’s first decide on what type of trip you’re looking for and suitable timings, then we can narrow it down to the amazing adventures that are waiting for you.

Our informative pages are made to make you feel as if you are already on the trip, so make sure to go through the details. Once your heart is set out on one of the destinations, click on the Book Now button, feed your information in, and we will do the rest.

Are these adventures for me?

Of course, they are! But why don’t you tell us yourself.

With the right mindset, you will be able to join all and any of these adventures. We do tend to do things a bit differently, but that’s what’s unique about us.

Don’t forget to check out our adventure profile in each page along with the quick informative overview. We’ve also added a detailed day by day itinerary of the whole trip if any destination strikes your interest.

Still confused? Feel free to contact us via Instagram, WhatsApp or email and we will be happy to guide you through the destinations.

I’m ready to join your next adventure, but how do I convince my parents or hubby?

We all know the wise saying, family knows best.

With all the travel experience we have, we learnt that family truly wants the best for us, but we will ask you to be persuasive and somehow get them to agree to your travel plans.

Here are a few tips: They need assurance of your safety. It would be good to mention that at least two of our journey guides will always be with you in each trip and can be reachable at any time during the trips. We also travel in groups and there’s always safety in numbers.

What are your payment terms once I register? Can we divide the amount?

Generally, our payment terms include a 25% initial payment of the overall price of the trip to confirm the seat. This amount will not be refundable. The remaining amount will be due around 40 days prior to the trip joining date. You can find more information on our terms and conditions.

Are our trips catered for females only?

Most of our trips are open for everyone. We do have a few trips that are catered only for females, and we usually announce through our social media and on the adventure pages of the trip.

I would like to travel the way you do but your dates aren’t working for me. What do I do?

Have you heard of our private consultation?

We would love to design your trip for you and make sure that you end up with a very unique experience. We might add a few more things that we were never able to do for large groups as well!

Make sure you check out our consultation page

Will I always be travelling with The Journey guides?

Our group trips will always have one or two journey guides with you at all times, but don’t worry, we are fun to be around. Like minded people with different interests but the same passion for exploration and adventures, you can know a lot about us from the people we work with.

I don’t want to stick to your trip dates and would like to join for only a part of it. Is that possible?

Since our travelers usually push us to make the trips longer and never want to say goodbye, we would not recommend this option. We want to make sure that you have the full experience!

If for any reason you are still considering this option, the possibility will all depend on the destination that you are interested in and the actual program.

Let us know what you have in mind!

I registered. What’s the next step? and what do I pack?

As soon as you register, our travel companions will reach out with detailed information on the next steps and how to confirm your registration.

We will start collecting certain documents and information and will also be providing a detailed packing list closer to the date of travel.

Disclaimer: We will always encourage light packing, as we like to move a lot in our trips, so pack light!

I’d rather not join one of the activities on the trip. Is that an option?

We will always encourage you to participate in all the activities during the trip but if for any reason, medical or otherwise, you would rather not join a certain activity, make sure you let the team know way in advance.

Depending on the destination and the location of the activity, if there is any other option available, the team will recommend it. Otherwise, you will have your own peaceful time exploring the surroundings areas.


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