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Sugoi “Japan”

12th April – 23rd April 2024

Fully Booked


Sugoi “Japan”

Welcome to Japan and its magical Sakura season!
Hope you are ready to discover this country’s spectacular wonders with its blush spring colors.
From the skyscrapers of ultra-modern Tokyo to the cultural heart of Osaka & Kyoto, you’ll be stopping across beautiful towns and villages, hiking for amazing panoramic views of different cities, engaging with many locals, and trying your best to understand what Japan has to offer!
Our 12-day journey will take you to mountain peaks, lush bamboo forests, picturesque square villages, breath taking views and vibrant capitals! We have envisioned Japan to have a perfect mix of quirky chaos and tranquil bliss.
If you would like to discover Japan as a local, this trip is for you!

Adventure Profile



Trip Type

Multi Adventure


12 days / 11 nights

Fitness Level

Level 2

Activity Level

Very Energetic

Comfort Level


BHD 1480

14 – Mixed Group

Adventure Profile



Trip Type

Multi Adventure


12 days / 11 nights

Fitness Level

Level 2

Activity Level

Very Energetic

Comfort Level



BHD 1480


14 – Mixed Group

What to expect

This journey is for people that love to explore, have an appetite for learning about new cultures and will take it as a challenge to learn a new language in just under 12 days.

You will be on the move most of the time, so this trip will be catered for people who love the outdoors, are flexible and ready for surprise twists along the way. Get ready for a lot of commuting as you move from one amazing city to the other.

As for the accommodation, we will be staying in a mixture of ideally located hotels, lodges, and beautiful traditional ryokan along the way.

What’s included

  • Ground transportation for the full itinerary
  • A mixture of delightful and comfortable accommodation on twin share basis with breakfast
  • All adventure activities as per the itinerary
  • Cultural Tea Ceremony
  • Kimono Traditional Ceremony
  • Cooking Experience
  • Cycling Tour
  • Universal Theme Park Entry Tickets
  • Two Nights Homestay Experience
  • Guides from the Journey Adventures
  • 24/7 support services

What’s not included

  • International Flights & Visa
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Lunch & Dinner Meals




Theme Parks

Cultural Tours

Cooking Class

Fully Booked

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What is Japan known for?

Despite getting influenced by other countries throughout time, Japan is known for being a world of its own with it’s on culture and traditions and incredible futuristic progression. The things you can do there are endless! Just to name a few in this trip you’ll get to go to universal studios, museums and historical places and get to encounter experiences like tea ceremonies and homestays with a Japanese family to get the full Japanese experience.

How about the weather?

Depending on the city you are going to, April in Japan will have different weather. Japan’s overall April temperature ranges from 8 ° to 22°C. In general, in cities like Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto, the temperature stays around 17°C, with sunny afternoons and a chance of some rainfall in some days. Definitely a good idea to pack a light rain jacket!

Do I need a visa to enter?

Depending on your nationality, you will most probably have to apply for a Visa for Japan, it’s recommended to apply one to one month and a half prior to the trip date.

  • Bahraini Nationals Require a Visa

  • Saudi Nationals Require an E-Visa only

  • Any other nationality, we will be more than happy to help you with the requirements.

I’m going solo on this group trip. Is that possible?

You’d be surprised on how many people register without knowing anyone on the trip! It’s a perfect way to build new networks that can turn into lifetime friendships!
The default is double occupancy, so you will be sharing a room with someone else. If you prefer not to, we can’t promise the availability of single occupancy as it depends on the destination, but make sure to notify the team of your preference!

Do you cater for any dietary restrictions?

Yes, we do try to accommodate any dietary restrictions that you might have. Just make sure you let the guide know in advance! Keep in mind that while Japan might have some Halal restaurants in some areas, most people we know enjoy seafood and some vegetarian meals throughout the trip.

I’m on a budget and can only go on one vacation this year! Why Japan?

We always say that Japan has something for everyone. Whatever your preferences are when you travel, we know that you will somehow find it!

Japan is beautiful all year round, but we are sure you have heard of the infamous Sakura season. With blush pink cherry blossoms across all the beautiful towns, cities, and gardens that we will be visiting, you will undoubtedly never forget the landscapes.

A way to bring out the explorer in you, Japan is all about new discoveries about its own diverse cultures and interacting more with the people in different cities.

Do I need to be fit to join the trip?

Nope! This trip doesn’t require a high fitness level but it’s always a plus as you will be spending most of your day walking at least 15,000 steps and commuting from one city to another.

Are there any specific clothes required for this trip?

A packing list will be sent once you confirm your registration and will include the type of attire you need for the activities.
The early mornings and evenings usually are a bit chilly, so be sure to pack some light sweaters or jackets and an umbrella or a rain coat. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the people dress very modestly and are a bit conservative.

How about the food?

Halal food is available but not everywhere, that shouldn’t be an issue though as the must try dishes are seafood or vegetarian dishes, so get ready to indulge in countless authentic sushi and ramen dishes!

How much cash should I get for my daily expenses?

70 USD per day is ideal for your lunch and dinner expenses. But if you’re a coffee addict or planning to do some shopping here and there we recommend to get a bit more!
ATMS are available in town if you need any extra cash and most places accept credit cards. If you are an iPhone user, they do have other payment methods within their wallet.

Should I get a fast track for universal studios and how soon should I buy it?

Are you as excited as we are for Universal Studios? Don’t forget to cater for the roller coaster rides!
We will be providing the entry – Studio Pass – for Universal Studios. Whilst you can access all the rides in the park with a regular Studio Pass, you’re likely to be doing a good amount of queuing.
The best option is to acquire a Fast Track or Express Pass once we advise you on the exact date of Universal Studio visit. This will be an additional cost and will depend on which rides you are interested in. This will guarantee that you skip the queues significantly.
You can find more details on the website , but if you need further information, we will be happy to guide you!

This is my first time going on a homestay experience! What should I keep in mind?

It’s very important to know what to do when you visit a Japanese house. These small but necessary tips will help you feel like a true part of the household.
Here are some basic guidelines for your 2-day homestay in Japan:
• Take your shoes off and wear house slippers when you enter the house.
• Keep a clean space. If you have a futon for a bed, make sure you fold it up and put the bedding away every morning.
• Try learning a few basic Japanese words to ease your communication as most Japanese people know very little English.

• Help out around the house whenever you can and be respectful of the household rules and routine.

• Get to know your family. Ask them about their day, talk about your culture and things you admire about their culture. The more you communicate, the closer you will become. Always have a translator in hand to ease the communication.

• Finally, remember to express your appreciation to your host family for allowing you to stay with them. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture—a heartfelt note written by hand or something customary from your native nation will do just fine. They love small and traditional gifts.

Which airport should I book my ticket on?

There are generally two main International Airports in Tokyo; Haneda Airport (HND) is 20 to 30 min from center and Narita International Airport (NRT) is 60 to 90 min from center. You can choose whichever airport is suitable, just make sure you share your ticket with the team as soon as its booked!

Who do I talk to once I land in Japan?

One of our guides will either be waiting for you or have the transportation arranged from the airport to the hotel for check in.
Make sure you share your ticket with the team as soon as its booked!

Where will I sleep and how often will we be changing our accommodation?

On this trip we’ll be staying at comfortable hotels that are in close proximity to the center we’ll also be experiencing a 2-day homestay!
A thing to keep in mind though about Japanese hotel rooms is that they have just about exactly what you need in terms of space and utilities. In other words, they are usually smaller than the average hotel rooms that we are used to.
We will be changing accommodations almost every 3 days, so pack light and smart.

How will we get around?

Tokyo has one of the best public transportation systems in the world so we will be using it as our main way to get around the city! Get ready for a lot of train rides starting from your arrival to the airport.
From normal trains to bullet trains transportation in Japan is an experience of it’s own! As with everywhere else in Japan, even trains have a certain set of rules that we need to follow.

Etiquette While Riding the Train in Japan:
• Keep your phone on silent and you should avoid making or receiving phone calls.
• Keep conversations to a minimum. Much like phone etiquette you can typically talk but do so quietly.
• Don’t eat or drink. It’s extremely uncommon to see anyone eating or drinking while riding, especially anything that is messy or smelly.
• Mind your space. If the train is crowded, it is especially important to not spread out. Keep your bag on your lap, on the bag rack immediately above your seat, or in front of you if you’re standing.
• Respect priority seating. In every carriage there are a few seats designated for elderly people, pregnant women and new mothers, children, and people with disabilities.

What About the JR pass?

The Japan Rail Pass, also called the JR Pass, is a rail pass exclusively for overseas visitors sold by the Japan Railways Group. This will allow you to go from one city to another using various types of trains. A one-week JR pass well be provided by us starting from the day we will be leaving Tokyo. The other days will have a different kind of pass for the trains.

Who's my roommate?

We will be staying in hotels and accommodations with double occupancy rooms. If you have a friend joining you on the trip, you will be automatically paired together. Otherwise, you will be paired with another traveler from the trip.